a rising of poets and visionaries


100 years on from a remarkable revolution of visionaries and poets, 1916 - Visionaries and Their Words explores the writings and ideals of the leaders of the Easter Rising, in a concert programme inspired by their lives, their work, and their words.

With new music drawn from writings of the rising's leaders, as well as existing songs in the tradition from their pens, sean-nós composer, Lorcán Mac Mathúna will attempt to interpret the vision of these revolutionaries and to explore their legacy and ideals.

Inspired by the words and spirit of the proclamation, 1916 – Visionaries and Their Words, presents an audiovisual experience of music, song, and archive imagery and an artistic response to the words and vision of The Risings leaders. This concert will feature male, female, and children's voices to celebrate the part played by the people of Ireland in this most momentous event in Irish history in the 20th Century.